Virtual Pregnancy Support

Virtual Pregnancy Support

Normally preparing for a baby is challenging but with social distancing comes a new set of challenges and uncertainties. My prenatal support consultations will help you and partner feel confident throughout your pregnancy.

This service is for those that are undecided on birth doula services but could benefit from 1:1 consultations.

  • This service includes...

    • Initial consultation to better understand your needs 

    • Support throughout your pregnancy

    • Customized video meetings geared toward your needs and preferences

      • You can decide what topics you want to discuss related to your pregnancy and labor or 

      • I will formulate educational topics based on my assessment of your needs​

    • Access to a perinatal nurse to answer your questions and concerns

    • Resources and referrals as needed

Virtual Birth Support

Our virtual doula packages offer a way for parents to access birth support even in this time of social distancing. We will help you feel empowered, supported, cared and prepared as you get closer to meeting your baby. We provide support leading up to labor, during your birth, and in the first week of delivery.

From 38 weeks-1st week postpartum

Continued support during the final weeks of pregnancy.

  • This support package includes...

    • (2) 1 hr virtual meetings to discuss your birth plan or create a birth plan

      • Discuss a number of topics revolving around labor and delivery​

      • Discuss any questions or concerns 

      • Discuss any health concerns ​

    • Help with setting up a calming environment 

    • Monthly video chat support sessions from hire until 36 weeks

    • Weekly video chat support sessions from 36-38 weeks

    • 24/7 on call with your doula 38 weeks-birth

  • During labor your doula will be available for virtual support of labor, birth and 1 hr postpartum via phone or video meeting to help with...​

    • Labor positioning 

    • Discuss what to expect depending on stage of labor and assessment

    • I will assess your progress and make suggestions during labor to help your labor process

    • Suggestions on how to promote breastfeeding and achieving an optimal latch

  • After delivery​​

    • On standby for 1HR after delivery to answer any questions and offer continued support

    • (2) 30 minute postpartum video chat support sessions to answer questions during the 1st week after delivery or 1 hour in-person session.

Virtual Birth Support
Virtual Doula

Virtual Newborn Care Support

Assist with easing the transition from pregnancy to motherhood.

Help to remove some of the uncertainties associated with bringing baby home and helping to institute healthy routines.

As a perinatal nurse I will provide you with the education and resources you need to make caring for your infant easier.

  • Your Newborn Care Support includes:

    •  Education and support on normal newborn appearance and behaviors

    •  Demonstrating comfort and soothing techniques for baby

    •  Providing newborn feeding techniques

    •  Encouraging safe and developmentally appropriate sleep habits

    •  Discuss ways to faciliate bonding with your baby

    •  Address concerns about normal physical and emotional postpartum transition

    •  Discuss healthy habits and nutrition during the postpartum phase