Image by Christian Bowen

Payment Option for Labor Support Package

I know that the labor support package is an investment you are making to ensure you have the best chance at the birth you desire and deserve. I strive to assist you every step of the way. After we meet at our initial labor support consultation; if you decide to hire me, we will sign the labor support agreement. I will also require that half of the package cost be paid as I am blocking time out of my schedule solely for you. The remaining balance can be paid anytime you feel comfortable as long as it is paid before you are or at 38 weeks gestation. 

What if I can’t afford your services?

I strongly believe doula support is important, and feel strongly that these services should be available to everyone who want and need the support. If you qualify for medicaid, SNAP  TANF, or WIC and want to work with me, contact me so we can discuss the details. I offer services for reduced cost on a limited basis.